About Jasmine Kitchen

Jasmine Road's mission is to provide a path to healing and employment for women survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

Jasmine Kitchen is part of an innovative Social Enterprise Program that supports the mission of Jasmine Road by providing jobs in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment for the residents and graduates of the two-year residential program. Women may choose to work at the restaurant or employment by making candles and jewelry to earn money, develop new skills, learn entrepreneurship, and build their resumes. The social enterprise businesses have a primary emphasis on social impact in our community at large while helping to fund operations of the non-profit organization.

“Products and services are a powerful medium for communicating the mission of Jasmine Road to the community,” said Kathryn Norwood, Jasmine Road Board Chair. “Women are given opportunities for leadership despite having criminal records or a lack of previous legal work history. Survivor leadership is a key component as it provides encouragement to new residents and demonstrates the possibilities for success to the overall community.

Most importantly meaningful work helps us find our place in society and allows us to feel that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, and is an integral part of creating sustainable recovery. We believe strongly that ‘everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish’.”